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Advance Oncology specializes in the comprehensive treatment of numerous types of Cancer conditions.

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We are pleased to announce that we are moving our practice to a new office location on December 1, 2021!
Our office will be relocating to a brand-new, professional facility within the heart of Sugar Land. This new facility offers us the opportunity to better serve you. We value you as our patient and hope you will continue your care with us at our new office.
We will continue to participate in the same insurance plans. Your medical records will also move with us to the new location.
Please note that our office phone number and fax number will remain the same. We realize that change can be challenging but we hope to make the transition as smooth as possible for you. Our staff will be here to help and we have included all the details regarding our new location down below:
Advance Oncology PA
800 Bonaventure Way
Suite 143
Sugar Land, TX 77479

Our other contact information will remain the same:
Phone No: (281) 201-2355 | Fax No: (281) 201-2356

Comprehensive Cancer Care

Dr. Bushra Cheema, the physician at Advance Oncology, is committed to providing compassionate, individualized, high-quality medical care to patients in a warm and friendly environment. This is achieved by utilizing state-of-the-art treatment methods in treating a multitude of cancers.


Meet Dr. Bushra Cheema

Board Certified in Medical Oncology

After successfully completing her residency in Internal Medicine at Case Western Reserve University St. Vincent’s Charity Hospital Program, she went on to complete her fellowship in Palliative Medicine at The Cleveland Clinic in Cleveland, Ohio. She completed her Medical Oncology fellowship at the UTMB Galveston where she also served as the Chief Fellow.

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Why Choose Advance Oncology?

Our oncologist, Dr. Bushra Cheema is widely recognized by her peers in healthcare as one of the most thorough and proficient physicians when it comes to the treatment of cancer. She is skilled at understanding your unique needs and lifestyle when developing your treatment plan. Our primary goal is making sure our patients are comfortable, both physically and emotionally, while being care of in a world-class facility.

Board Certified Doctor


Dr. Bushra Cheema, a board-certified doctor, is here to ensure world class treatment for all forms of cancer, from common cancers of breast, lung, blood, and colon to rarer malignancies such as liver, brain, pancreas, throat, and stomach. Great emphasis is placed on all available resources for patients and their families.

Service Strategy


When required, We always evaluate a patient’s symptoms followed by diagnostic testing so that each new patient receives an individualized treatment plan. Based on the diagnosis, our doctor can provide our patients with an expanded selection of treatment options for choosing the best treatment plan.

Convenient Procedure


Advance Oncology wants our patients to feel safe, cared for, and confident. Being oncologists, we treat cancer using chemotherapy with extended hours when needed. Additionally, on a case-by-case basis, patient assistance services are available for accommodation, transportation and treatment support. 

Emergency Consultation

We are here to help answer questions you may have about cancer. Call to schedule immediate appointments for consultation with a physician. Our physician will review any existing diagnostics and recommend additional testing if needed to develop a through cancer treatment plan. We want to support you and promote your well-being from our initial consultation through your final treatment and beyond.

Care Management


Our board-certified doctor is specialized to treat specific types of cancer and always ready to work in a team with your primary doctor or referring doctor so you and your doctor are kept fully appraised of your treatment and progress. Having an integrated care team will make a great difference in your treatment, quality of life and recovery.

Commitment & Professionalism


We always treat our patients and their families just like part of our family. We are always ready to help you, combining compassion, understanding, and one-on-one attention with state-of-the-art technologies to detect, diagnose and treat cancer.

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