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Cancer Treatments

Dr. Bushra Cheema

Advance Oncology 

Like you, every form of cancer is unique. While no single cancer treatment is right for everyone, we create an evidence-based plan, which may include a combination of treatment types specific to your needs. Your oncologist will outline the ones most appropriate for your disease, and discuss the order, advantages,  and risks of each treatment.

Blood and Bone Marrow transplants (BMT) offer treatment options for diseases once thought incurable. 


Immunotherapy is an advanced form of cancer treatment that boosts your body's own immune system to fight cancer.



Surgery may be an important part of your cancer treatment plan.

CAR-T Therapy, a type of immunotherapy, is now available at Advance Oncology.


Proton therapy is an advanced form of radiation therapy that delivers high-energy proton beams directly to tumors with pinpoint precision. 


Some forms of cancer do not require immediate treatment.

Chemotherapy is a commonly used treatment option.


Radiation therapy is used in treating many types of cancer.


Targeted therapies are an advanced treatment option personalized to your specific cancer.

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