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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

On March 18, 2018 Dr. Charles Conlon announced his retirement after an illustrious career spanning over 4 decades. Dr. Conlon’s office will close on April 30, 2018. Thank you Dr. Conlon for your stellar career and patient care!

Dr. Bushra Cheema of Advance Oncology has prepared a list of FAQs to help address your concerns as you prepare to transfer your medical care.

1. Does Dr. Cheema practice Medical Oncology and Hematology?

Dr. Bushra Cheema practices both Medical Oncology and Hematology. She has covered for Dr. Conlon on a regular basis for over 6 years for both oncology and hematology patients. Dr. Cheema is widely recognized as one of the leading Hematologists and Oncologists in the southwest Houston area.

2. Does Dr. Cheema take my health insurance?

Dr. Bushra Cheema accepts all major insurances along with several regional insurances. It is advised that you call the office directly at (281) 201-2355 and ensure your insurance is accepted.

3. Is Dr. Cheema familiar with Dr. Conlon’s patients?

Yes. Dr. Cheema and Dr. Conlon have shared weekend calls for over 6 years. She is very familiar with the high level of care Dr. Conlon always provided to his patients and looks forward to serving them in the future.

4. I am in the middle of a chemo infusion / iron cycle. Will I be able to continue my treatment where I leave off at Dr. Conlon’s?

Yes. It is extremely important that your current treatment cycle is not unreasonably interrupted. Dr. Cheema and her staff will diligently work with Dr. Conlon’s office to ensure all pertinent treatment information is transferred in a timely manner. You need to set up an appointment as soon as possible by calling (281) 201-2355 to ensure appropriate continuity of treatment.

5. I usually get my labs or imaging done prior to my appointments with Dr. Conlon. Do I get these done before I see Dr. Cheema?

You should follow and complete any orders for which the reports will be available prior to April 30, 2018. If your labs/imaging are planned for a future date (starting May 1, 2018 and beyond) you will need new orders from Dr. Cheema. This will ensure your test results are transmitted to the right doctor. Dr. Cheema will go over this process during your initial appointment.

6. Do I need to change my radiation, lab, imaging and other testing facilities in the future?

No. You will not need to change your current radiation, lab, imaging and other testing facilities simply because of the transfer of care to Dr. Cheema.

7. Which Hospitals does Dr. Cheema have privileges at?

Dr. Cheema has active privileges at The Houston Methodist Sugar Land, CHI ST. Luke’s Medical Center Sugar Land, and Memorial Hermann Southwest. Dr. Cheema can see patients at all hospitals Dr. Conlon currently covers.

8. How will my medical records transfer from Dr. Conlon’s office to Dr. Cheema?

In most cases your relevant medical records will be electronically transferred via HIPPA compliant eMR records transfer process. Once you notify either Dr. Conlon’s or Dr. Cheema’s office about your decision to move your care to Dr. Cheema, the records transfer request will be initiated and completed as appropriate.

9. Can I meet Dr. Cheema and her staff before making an appointment?

Yes. You are welcome to call (281) 201-2355 and set up a time to meet Dr. Cheema and her staff; Diana, Nafisa, Rose, and Amy. Based on the volume of requests Dr. Cheema may decide to schedule a ‘meet & greet’ event.

10. When should I make my appointment with Dr. Cheema?

The answer really depends on what your healthcare needs are. If you are currently under (or expect to start soon) treatment requiring infusion and/or injection it is recommended to make an appointment immediately. For all others please call the office at (281) 201-2355 to make an appointment so you can get your medical records transferred in a timely manner. It also allow for your to receive appointment reminders in the future as Dr. Conlon’s office will not be sending out reminders after April 30, 2018.

11. Where is Dr. Cheema’s office located and how do I contact the office?

Dr. Cheema’s office is located in the Medical Office Building 3 of The Houston Methodist Sugar Land in Suite 530. This is the same medical complex where Dr. Conlon’s office is. Here is address, phone contacts, email, and website for Dr. Cheema.

16605 Southwest Fwy

Suite 530

Sugar Land, TX 77479

(281) 201-2355 [P]

(281) 201-2356 [F]

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