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A Message to Dr.Conlon's Patients

I am humbled and feel honored as I welcome all who are transferring their care from Dr. Charles Conlon's office to our office. For those who are a little nervous with Dr. Conlon's retirement announcement, I want to assure you that you will find great compassionate care in our office. We are taking some immediate steps including an upcoming open house, setting up a dedicated hotline for Dr. Conlon’s patients, and preparing a FAQs for care of transfer. We are working diligentlywith Dr. Conlon's office to ensure a smooth transition of care. I have had the privilege of working with Dr. Conlon and have always considered him as one of my mentors. I want to take a moment to wish Dr. Conlon, a professional icon, a wonderful and blessed retirement.

Facebook: Advance Oncology - Bushra Cheema MD The website has a link to the Patient Portal where you can request to be registered with our office (Pre-Registration link at the bottom of the patient portal) (281) 467-9545. 16605 Southwest Fwy Suite 530 Sugar Land, TX 77479. (Medical Office Building 3, Methodist Sugar Land Hospital).

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