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Urology Specialist Program

Dr. Bushra Cheema

Advance Oncology 

Advance Oncology provides comprehensive urologic care to patients to treat male and female diseases of the urinary tract, as well as male reproductive system disorders.

We provide patients the full spectrum of urologic care — from pre-screening, testing, and diagnosis to the ongoing care and treatment of conditions. We test for, and treat, infertility, incontinence, prostate diseases, urinary tract conditions, sexually transmitted diseases, and more.

If you have a cancer of the urogenital system, we offer seamless care between urologists and oncologists. You may be eligible to participate in a clinical trial, depending on your age, cancer type, stage of cancer, previous treatments, and general medical history. If you are interested in participating in a clinical trial, research our open clinical trials and talk with your doctor to determine if a trial is right for you.

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