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Interventional Radiology

Dr. Bushra Cheema

Advance Oncology 

Advance Oncology offers comprehensive interventional radiology services and is designed for patient comfort and convenience.

Our interventional radiologists provide patients with minimally invasive, image-guided techniques. They use small catheters or other devices guided by X-ray, ultrasound or computed tomography (CT) imaging to diagnose and treat conditions. These procedures offer patients smaller incisions, no overnight hospital stays, and minimal pain.

  • Aspira Catheters: Permanent drainage for chronic malignant ascites or pleural effusions

  • Biopsies: All locations with some limitations for lungs

  • Central Lines: Both tunneled and non-tunneled central venous access, including hemodialysis access

  • Drug-Eluting Beads: Catheter-directed therapy for HCC

  • IVC Filters: Placement and removal

  • Nephrostomy: Drainage of kidney for malignant or benign obstruction

  • Paracentesis: Removal of fluid from abdominal cavity

  • PICC Lines: Single, dual, and triple lumen CT compatible venous access

  • Port: Placement and revision

  • Radiofrequency Ablation: Kidney, liver, and bone

  • Thoracentesis: Removal of fluid from lungs and/or chest wall

  • Transjugular Liver Biopsy: Tissue biopsy with evaluation of portal pressures

*Partial list. Please call to inquire about other procedures not listed.

Our multidisciplinary team works closely with your oncologists to ensure you receive the best treatment for your disease. We believe in an integrated care approach that encourages collaboration and coordination through every phase of your care.

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