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Alternative Medicine

Dr. Bushra Cheema

Advance Oncology 

Clinical Trials & Cancer Research

Advance Oncology is a leader in groundbreaking cancer research and clinical trials in Texas, paving the way for new breakthroughs in cancer care. If you are a Advance Oncology patient, you may be able to take part in these innovative clinical trials, including:

  • Prevention trials focus on preventing cancer or recurrence. For example, the trial might focus on the use of vitamins, different medications or a change in diet or exercise to determine if the risk of developing cancer is lowered.

  • Screening trials focus on identifying and detecting cancer in people who do not exhibit symptoms of cancer.

  • Diagnostic trials determine how to identify cancers using new tests. Often, these trials involve participants who show signs or symptoms of a particular cancer.

  • Treatment trials are designed to answer questions about new treatments, such as drugs, surgical procedures, vaccines, or therapies. They involve current cancer patients.

Benefits and Risks of Clinical Trials

Discuss the benefits and risks with your physician if you're interested in participating in cancer research or a clinical trial. Benefits include being actively involved in your healthcare, getting access to new treatments and medical care, and helping to further medical research in Texas. Risks may include unpleasant or serious side effects, treatments that are ineffective, and trials which take more time than standard treatment.


Eligibility for Clinical Trials

Your eligibility for a clinical trial depends on several criteria, including your age and sex, your cancer type and stage of the cancer, previous treatments, and your overall medical history.

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